Decomposing Monstre again made another fantabulous machinima. I posted his previous machinima, The Virtual Utopia of the Future last month. It was a parodic promotional video of Second Life. Now he, and some other goons, created Oh No, It’s Griefzilla for the Fox Atomic and Millions of Us machinima contest.

In this movie, which is a blend of Godzilla and King Kong, a giant Plastic Duck destroys the city, knocking over its buildings and crushing its tiny residents.

Although the original set is located in Alt Zoom, a sim where most machinima movie makers shoot their movies, a parallel build was constructed in Baku, with tiny cars and buildings complete with pose balls that allow residents to enact the role of a giant gorilla on top of the buildings. The creation of this movie, like other goon productions, is a collaborative process. While Deco wrote the script and shot most of the movie, Sammy Grigges played the characters who were crushed by the giant Duck, Donald Kaiser built the particle system that showed people jumping out of the tall buildings, and Charismo Abismo created Prokofy Neva’s apartment, who is allegedly Plastic’s arch enemy. This machinima was later appropriated and turned into a story by the editor of Second Life Safari, Petey, on March 17th. The Second Life Safari story includes not only pictures of certain scenes and the movie itself, but also the story as written by Petey, who relates the early childhood of Plastic, who apparently had a problematic family life, with a mother who stripped at a local joint to support her drinking habits and a father who had close ties with the furry community. After a long list of bad things he did growing up, Plastic, as a non-recyclable artifact that is destined to cause much evil, finally relinquishes to becoming a noted griefer.

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