Tags of Narrative

I am participating on the Tags of Narrative project that I posted a while back. The researcher who is heading the project is sending me ten links to tag each week in del.icio.us and I am tagging them according to their content. To tell you the truth, I am more interested in reading about the results than participating in the project itself, but no matter. I am sure I’ll get to read what comes out of it. A very curious project if you ask me. But as I look through the links, I realize that some are pretty interesting and useful for me after all. These are sites that I never would have found out about had I not participated in this project. For instance, in a hacker site called kuro5hin I found some rules for engagement for IRC. Pretty funny and practical if you ask me. Provides an insight to digital culture on some levels. Some are common sense which you might not have notices unless you use IRC regularly:


  • Don’t repeat yourself. We heard you the first time.
  • Don’t ask to ask a question. Just ask the question.
  • Set autoaway off. We don’t care that you’ve been idle for 5 minutes.
  • Set autorejoin off. Coming back immediately angers the /kicker and usually leads to a /ban
  • Do
    NOT use bold colons, mIRC colours, blinky text, or ANSI codes. They
    mess up many peoples screens, and are generally abused. Some bold or
    colours are apropos to some situations.
  • Do NOT automessage anyone. You will be lynched.
  • Put an idiot on /ignore as soon as you discern he is an idiot.
  • Say nothing to an idiot, or about an idiot in his presence. It only gives the idiot attention.
  • Someone who is ignorant, but pretends to have knowledge, is probably an idiot.
  • Don’t ask a question you haven’t researched first.
  • Don’t try to whine, beg, or guilt trip.
  • Don’t IRC as root. Every IRC client has exploitable holes, including yours.
  • Don’t initiate file transfers without the other user’s consent.
  • Not a rule, but a good guideline: try to phrase questions so they can be answered in as few words as possible.

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