Farewell to Second Citizen

After a year and 216 days, Second Citizen Forums close down unexpectedly two days ago. According to Aimee Weber’s article, the infamous post of the account called Sloppybot led to this unexpected event. Shorty after the Copybot incident (a bot that copied objects and avatars without asking permission), Sloppybot posted a fragment of a code promising that this was only a fragment of a script-theft tool that will be sold for L$10.000 through SLExchange. Shortly thereafter, Mother Fic, the admin of Second Citizen took the post down and banned Sloppybot. It turns out that this was a code hacked from SLExchange’s servers and SLExchange asked for Second Citizen to be taken down due to copyright infringement. After almost a year later! How does that happen? The funny thing is that I used the copybot incident in the article that I submitted to Velvet Light Trap and referred to Sloppybot… Who knew that after a week of my submission that Second Citizen Forums would be taken down leaving all my links broken?

Though I was merely a lurker at SC Forums, I kind of feel sad that they are taken down. An era ends with them. Second Life history of a year and a half suddenly disappeared with the forums closing down. No back ups to be had. Talk about Tony Walsh’s proverbial tree.

2 thoughts on “Farewell to Second Citizen

  1. The article by Aimee Weber was dated Nov. 24, 2006… I’m confused now. It took them 1 year to close down a forum for something the forum owner didn’t do (as I understand it)?

  2. I am just as confused as you are. Trying to get some insider info on it. But it does sound odd that it would take about a year to take it down.

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