Engagement 1.0: Understanding the History of Fan Interactivity

Here’s a great panel related to fan interaction: “Engagement 1.0: Understanding the History of Fan Interactivity.” Unfortunately, my computer crashed and I lost all my notes from the talk. So I am embedding Ivan’s slides from slideshare. Here’s the brief description and line-up for the panel:

U.S. pop culture has a rich history of fan engagement. This panel examines fan involvement in immersive storytelling forms such as ARGs and MMORPGs in a new light, exploring how these interactive narratives can be better understood in comparison with longstanding fan practices from fanfic and cosplay to pro wrestling.

Ivan Askwith Sr Strategist, Big Spaceship
Abigail De Koznik Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
Henry Jenkins Co-Dir CMS, MIT

Engagement 1.0

Engagement 1.0

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