IU Cinema raising donations for chair for Peter Noble-Kuchera

It has been almost two years since I lost my dear friend, Peter. Only last month I ran into Yael in Trashion Fashion, a mutual friend of ours who also works at WFUI, and she looked straight into my eyes and asked: “Do you ever think about him? I think about him every day…” Yes, I think about him every day. My eyes wander towards the doors of the Fine Arts building every time I pass it by, hoping that maybe I will see him smoking, again, like I used to when I was running to teach a class and he would be taking a cigarette break from work. Once he told me at that very same spot, ” Gosh Burcu, you’re always so well put together!”

Borders closing down was somewhat emotional for me, not because i missed working in that place, but because I felt like I lost something more of him with the store shutting its doors. It is there that I had met Peter, it is there there I had worked for him, and it is there that I had told him he needed the chill the fuck out if he wanted to be a good manager. He quit Borders the very next day. So, yeah, I think about him every day.

Years later, I ran into him at a friends’ kids’ birthday party and another mutual friend of ours told me that Peter had quit Borders as a result of that brief exchange that took place at the break room years ago. I felt sad, but I asked him “Are you sorry that you quit Borders?” He replied that it was the best thing that he ever did. He was never made for retail. Frankly, I wasn’t either… Shortly thereafter, he started working for WTIU and started writing movie reviews and I went back to my Ph.D. program.

So I find out today that IU Cinema is raising donations for a chair for Peter. What better way to remember him every day? So let’s… Information noted below:

Last week, my colleague Brent Molnar and I started a fundraising campaign at Radio-TV Services to purchase a chair at the IU Cinema in honor of Peter Noble-Kuchera. Peter was the WFIU film critic and a producer at WTIU and he died tragically about two years ago. Peter comes to my mind so often when I am in the IU Cinema and I think how much he would have enjoyed watching movies there. I know that he had good friends at CMCL who might want to be a part of this campaign. If you would like to donate, it is very easy, will take only a little amount of your time, and any amount is welcome. The funds go toward endowing the cinema’s budget for programs. Feel free to post this to anyone you think would want to participate. It also will be on Peter’s memorial Facebook page, if it isn’t already.

Below are instructions for how to donate. Let me know if you have any questions.

There are two ways to contribute:


· write a check payable to IU CINEMA and send to Jon Vickers IU Cinema, 1213 E. Seventh St., Bloomington, IN 47405

· on memo line add: “FOR SEAT in Memory of Peter Noble-Kuchera”


· go to the IU Cinema webpage www.indiana.edu/~iucinema/individualseatnaming.html

· click on the GIVE NOW button.

· in the comment box add: “FOR SEAT in Memory of Peter Noble-Kuchera”

Questions? Please contact Jon Vickers at IU Cinema

(812) 855-7632 or jwvicker@indiana.edu


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