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EVE Online - Second Decade

EVE Online – Second Decade

After 6 months actively playing EVE, I am finally beginning to understand and enjoy EVE. No game is merely just shoot and kill, but this game in particular requires an elaborate strategy to survive.

After coming back from Iceland I joined a Null Sec (security) training corporation, Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH). Their training is much simpler than EVE University, which I personally think is too big to be useful, at least for me. OUCH wants you to attend 9 sessions, pass a Null Sec survival test, have 10 kills, and off you go. That’s a program I can get behind. One caveat: they have rules, like way too many rules. I fly to Low Sec to retrieve a skill book that I purchased and immediately one of the trainers ask me what I am doing there (I guess one of the rules is not to go into Low Sec or Null Sec until you have leveled up??? I am not sure nor can I remember). It is a boot camp some ways, but I guess it has to be.

Immediately, I find out that survival of Null Sec or even Low Sec does not depend merely on having the baddest ship, but also having millions tactical bookmarks in space from which you can gather intel without being jumped on or to which you can escape when you are being pursued. Or organizing your Interface just so so you can switch over to different views in a second depending on the type of task you have at hand, learning about weapons and ships and their uses, and above all knowing your enemy/alliances/friends. This is some real shit, folks.

It took me no time to make friends (did I say friends?) in OUCH and I use another character of mine to join another corp located in Low Sec. Two more days in this new corp and I open another EVE account so I can create dummy characters to scout my way for me to avoid flying into a trap… I start immediately making a sleuth of bookmarks in every Low Sec system I enter… I get in the habit of checking killboards (which tells me who was killed by whom) and systems for activity/kills, monitoring chat channels…I get tons of tips for survival. And I start taking notes, like lot’s of them.

I was told that the learning curve was steep. But this is madness. The game truly cultivates the paranoia in you. I am also currently reading a book called Rules of Victory: How to Transform Chaos and Conflict whose authors are using Sun Tzu’s Art of War to show the reader the road to victory in life. I must confess, this is merely a happy coincidence but I am awestruck by the uncanny parallels between the advice I am getting from my EVE compatriots and  Sun Tzu.

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