Goonswarm meetup – Summer edition


Just wrapped up yet another Goonswarm meetup in Madison. And the nerd-o-meter was off the charts. Seriously. Much fun was had by all. Time was spent playing the Battlestar Galactica board game into the night, drinking, playing Guitar Hero, eating, drinking, playing Cards Against Humanity, drinking, clubbing, eating, and not in that particular order.

If you’ve stopped by Something Awful, you’d think that a group of gamers coming out of that message board would be impossible to motivate towards a single goal. Yet, Goonswarm’s incredible support of incoming pilots, nerd-y sense of humor, and the very culture of Something Awful bring these cats together and organize them in times of action. In EVE, their very name strikes fear into the hearts of the weak.  Over the years, they have successfully executed major spying operations and disbanded powerful corporations (yes, it is a thing in EVE) and participated and won countless battles.

Looking at them, one does not see why and how they have managed to become so powerful. And yet they have… The secret behind their success is that the group is being run like a true business enterprise that would put real-world companies to shame. They are not just in the business of Internet spaceships… They have a financial advisor, logistic coordinator, intel operations officer, recruitment bureau, excellent support new pilots, and to top it all, a great media presence that builds the Goon brand.

As cliche as this might sound (an in many ways contradictory to Goon ways), they have successfully demonstrated that Internet is serious business no two ways about it.





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