Alternate Reality Games & Transgressive Fan Play in Lonelygirl15


My latest article, Bull In a China Shop:Alternate Reality Games and Transgressive Fan Play in Social Media Franchises, is published in Transformative Works and Cultures this month.

Here’s the abstract:

In this article I examine the role of fan-ARGs in Lonelygirl15 (LG15), a video blog that became one of the first social media franchises of YouTube. Eager to explore the narrative possibilities of Internet technologies, its creators set out to provide community-based storytelling that embodied the general spirit of co-authorship. To ensure viral distribution, the videos were shot to evoke the maximum amount of curiosity, teasing their viewers with a seemingly simple plotline laden with clues that promised a deeper mystery. While fan creativity was encouraged, the concerns of creating a commercially viable story led to careful management of fan activities and strict definition of the boundaries of the LG15 canon. Intrigued by the mysterious beginnings of the show, some fans created ARG spinoffs to deliver a more engaging experience than the show initially offered. I argue that early fan ARGs became tactics through which fans engaged in transgressive play and negotiated a more meaningful role within the franchise.

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