Sherlock’s Makeover

Credit: peteandco

Credit: peteandco

It’s not everyday that you get to petition to free Sherlock Holmes, the world’s most famous detective currently being played by one of the most charismatic actors, Benedict Cumberbatch. And yet it has happened, Sherlock Holmes is now in the public domain. You certainly won’t see Sherlock’s name next to a techie term like “Internet of Things.” That too has happened.

To honor this momentous win for the public domain, a group of storytellers, game developers, creative technologists, and experience designers will collaborate to “lay the groundwork for a storyworld that will play out globally through a series of connected objects that become conduits for a re-imaging of Sherlock Holmes”… hence the term “Internet of Things.” In other words, this initiative will use pervasive and wearable technology to design an unprecedented Sherlockian experience, similar to Pandemic [], the experience that Lance Weiler designed at the Sundance festival in 2011.

The initiative will be a 12-month experiment during which monthly meetups, open design gatherings, prototyping sessions, labs and hacks will be held. The experiment will end in an online course and a public performance. The collaborators are calling themselves Team Sherlock.

Yay, Team Sherlock!

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