Impossible Geometries

Those who stole our sacred geometries,
Have forgotten their true selves,
Cursed to walk these monuments are they.
Foolish princess, have you forgotten too?

Such are the wise words uttered by a tiny little being clad in an Ottoman style sarik and kaftan as your character, a wandering princess called Ida, approaches him. This is Monument Valley, a game comprising of  monuments riddled with impossible geometries. The goal of the player is to move Ida through this  space by solving the puzzles posed by these bizarre structures.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

The game is delightful in so many ways. Set aside its soothing  color scheme, music, and philosophical messages, it is a mind bending puzzle game that pushes you to think outside of the box.

Since part of the architecture is based on optical illusions, the game forces you think in unusual ways, consider problems from different angles, seek out solutions in unlikely places.

This is exactly why I like the game. In my experience, real solutions to problems come from unexpected places that are rarely being considered.

Mountain Valley trains you to look for impossible options  that seem not to exist at first, yet magically appear once you’re ready to see them. All it requires is mental adjustment, really. This is what the game trains you in.

Here’s some numbers for the game.

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