Simpsons coming to Minecraft

Simpsons skin for Minecraft

From Guardian

Since Microsoft bought Minecraft late last year, we’ve all been wondering what the software giant will do with Mojang’s popular game… with much dread, I might add. The act has been considered to be “selling-out” because its creator, Notch, is known for its sympathies for the Pirate Party cause, and Microsoft… well, lets just say Bill Gates is the staunch defender of copyright protections for software from day one.

So far, not many changes have been made save for some skin packs. The biggest concern, I think, would be a shift in company’s attitude towards user-generated content and copyright.

But here is a delightful bit of news: In a joint venture with Twentieth Century Fox, Mojang is bringing 19 Simpsons characters to Minecraft for XBox consoles. Unfortunately, PC players have to wait awhile.

This is the second biggest announcement after the scheduled release of Minecraft: Story Mode, adventure game to be released for PlayStation, Mac, PC, XBox, and mobile devices. Not sure how this earlier announcement will play out but, yay for Mojang, regardless.

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