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My personal passion is the digital rights movement and online activism. Oddly enough, it has developed from the research I have conducted in virtual worlds. While in virtual worlds, griefing has become one of the tactical strategies deployed to defend privacy and counteract surveillance, in the Internet at large, hackers and hacktivist collectives assume that role. My article, “The Gray Zone: The Crossroads of Piracy, Hacktivism, & Cyberwars,” forthcoming in The Information Society, examines the role of the transgressive practices deployed by these groups as they come into conflict with global authorities. Using Operation Payback is a Bitch as a case study, this article suggests copyright wars to be a gray zone negotiated through the alternative forms of resistance, which are countered by equally shady extralegal measures.

You can listen to my interview with Hector Postigo, the author of The Digital Rights Movement, here.

I am also a member of The Internet Rights and Principles Coalition. As a part of the coalition, I edited the Turkish translation of The Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet, a timely endeavor, indeed.

Below is the  panel that I moderated with Nate Schenkkan from Freedom House:  Online Freedoms and Access to Information Online. The event took place at the Internet Governance Forum 2014, Istanbul.

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