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2016   (forthcoming) “Exposing Convergence: YouTube, Fan Labor, & Anxiety of Cultural Production in Lonelygirl15” Convergence

2015   “The Gray Zone: Networks of Piracy, Hacktivism, & Cyberwars” The Information Society, Volume 32, Number 1

2014   “Bull In a China Shop: Alternate Reality Games and Transgressive Fan Play in Social Media Franchises” Transformative Works and Cultures, Volume 17

2012    “Negotiating Governance in Virtual Worlds: Grief Play, Hacktivism & LeakOps in Second Life.” New Review of Hypermedia & Multimedia, Volume 18, Number 4, 237-259

2009   “Spectacular Interventions of Second Life: Goon Culture, Griefing, and Disruption in Virtual Spaces.” Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, ” Volume 1, Number 3

2002   “In Pursuit of the Model Reader: The Problem of Readership in The New Life and The Island of the Day Before.” Turkish Studies Association Journal, Volume 26, Number 2, 1-18


Bakioglu, B. “Off With the Rule Book: Using Transgressive Storytelling in Virtual Worlds to Weave the Lore of Mayhem,” Game Studies.


2015 (forthcoming) “The Coachella Disaster: How the puppetmasters of Art of the Hei5t pulled a victory from the jaws of defeat,” Alternate Reality Games and the Cusp of Digital Gameplay.

2015 “When Inmates Run the Asylum: Grief Play in the Virtual Panopticon of Second Life.” Ethics: for a Digital Age. Eds. Vanacker, B. & Heider, D. Peter Lang P.


2015  “Alternate Reality Games — Definition.” The International Encyclopedia of Digital Communication and Society. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

2011.  “Vision: Can WikiLeaks and Social Media Help Fuel Revolutions? The Case of Tunisia,” with Peter Ludlow. Alternet.

2010 “10 Ways Hackers Have Punked Corporations & Oppressive Governments,” with Peter Ludlow. Alternet.


2017 Tales From the Darkside: When Games Get Real (in progress).

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