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2016           “Research-Driven Product Design,” World AI Day, February 20, Los Angles, California.

2015           “Research, For the Win!!!” Innovate Pasadena, October 23, Los Angeles, California.


2014           “Ethics of Unethical Play: Curious Case of How the Bad Boys of Second Life Transformed into Digital Activists,” International Symposium on Digital Ethics, November 7, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois.

2013           “When Inmates Run the Asylum: Grief Play in the Virtual Panopticon of Second Life,” Internet Research 14.0: Resistance & Appropriation, October 24-27, Denver.

2012            “Tactical Media, Hacktivism, & Copyright Controversies: Anon’s War Against the Media Industry,” Internet Research 13.0: Technologies, October 18-21, Greater Manchester,UK.

2012            “Negotiating Governance in Virtual Worlds: Grief Play, Hacktivism, and LeakOps in Second Life,” International Communication Association, May 24-28, Phoenix, Arizona. (Top 3rd paper in the Game Studies Interest Group)

2012            “Furries, Flame Wars, and Fursecution: Neutralizing the Online Body,” International Communication Association, May 24-28, Phoenix, Arizona.

2012            “Cultural Production in the Network Society: How YouTube, ARGs, & Community built Lonelygirl15,” Society of Cinema & Media, March 21-25, Boston Massachusetts.

2011            “Negotiating Virtual Governance: Performance of Hacktivism as Grief Play.” Internet Research 12.0: Performance & Participation, October 10-13, Seattle, Washington.

2011            “Hacktivism, Cyberwars, & Copyright Controversies.” IAMCR, Cities, Creativity, Connectivity, July 13-17, 2011, Istanbul, Turkey.

2011            “Operation Payback (…is a Bitch): Hacktivism at the dawn of Copyright Controversies.” MIT7, Unstable Platforms: The Promise and Peril of Transition, May 13-15, Boston, Massachusetts.

2009            “Hi-jacking Lonelygirl15: ARG-style.” MIT6, Stone and Papyrus, Storage and Transmission, April 24-26, 2009, Boston, Massachusetts.

2007            “Griefing Spaces and Disruptive Multi-Platform Narratives.” National Communication Association, November 15-18, Chicago, Illinois.

2007            “Textual Poaching of Digital Texts: Hacking and Griefing as Performative Narratives of Second Life.” MIT 5, Creativity, Ownership, and Collaboration in the Digital Age, April27-29, Boston, Massachusetts.

2005           “Alternative Approaches to Narrative in New Media Forms: Mapping out Narrative in Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl.” National Communication Association, November 15-18, Chicago, Illinois.

2005            “Construction of Spatial Narratives in M. D. Coverley’s Califia.” MIT 4, The Work of Stories: An International Conference, May 6-8, 2005, Boston, Massachusetts.


2011           “Hacktivism in Online Games: Negotiating Transparency, Privacy, and Governance in Second Life” with Peter Ludlow. Games behind Video Games, April 8-9, Rutgers University, New Jersey.

2009           “Future of Storytelling in Cross Media Experiences.” ARGFest-o-con, July 17-19, Portland, Oregon.

2008           “Spectacular Subcultures of Second Life: Looking Beneath the Lulz.” Second Life Community Convention, September 5-7, Tampa, Florida.

2008            “Spectacular Interventions of Second Life: Goon Culture, Griefing, and Disruption in Virtual Spaces.” Cultures of Virtual Worlds, April 26-27, University of California, Irvine.

2007            “Collaborative Storytelling: Performing the Narrative of the Griefer.” Second Life Community Convention, August 24-26, Chicago, Illinois.


2009            “Negotiating Storytelling in Transmedia Works: Emergent Storytelling in Art of the H3ist.” Modern Language Association, December 27-30, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2005            “The Relevance of the Novel in the Age of New Media: Transforming Interface to Interspace in Tristram Shandy and The Glide Project.” International Narrative Conference, April 7-10, Louisville, Kentucky.

2003            “Hypertextual Readings of Pale Fire: How New Is the Digital Text?” Modern Language Association, December 27-30, San Diego, California.

Digital Rights

2014           Organizer, “Online Freedoms and Access to Information Online,” Internet Governance Forum, September 2-5, Istanbul.

2013           “The Gray Zones in Copyright Wars,” Union for Democratic Communication,November 1-3, San Francisco.


2014           “Unlocking #GamerGate: The Unbearable Lightness of Trolling,” October 30,
Lawrence University.

2012            “Whose Creative Property Is It Anyway? The Trouble with Lonelygirl15 & Why Fans Got the Cold Shoulder,” November 2, Ripon College.

2011            “From Grief Play to Hacktivism: The Birth of The Wrong Hands in Second Life,” March 29, Ripon College.

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